Church Response to Covid-19
Please check back here frequently for updates regarding our actions during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will try to get all information pertaining to FSBC Thatcher out as quickly as possible and accessible to you through email, our website, social medias, etc. We are monitoring the situation and will be adhering to all instructions set by our government. We know that God has this situation in his hands and that he already knows the outcome. We trust in his will. 
  • Update 5/4/20

    On April 29th Arizona governor Doug Ducey extended the stay at home order to May 15th. Our church is currently seeking God’s guidance on when and how we will resume on site services. There is a lot of careful thought that is going to be going into making these decisions. We cannot return to normal after an ordeal like this, and we shouldn’t expect to. God has been working on our church and on each of us during this time, to go back to how we were before the pandemic would be a disservice to God, our church, and to ourselves. We are asking that everyone have patience with us and extend grace to us. We have never had to go through a situation like this, there are many things that our team is going to be taking into account. Our overall goal is to get us all worshiping together again, as soon as we safely can. Thank you all. God Bless. FSBC Thatcher

  • You can access TONS of Bible studies, videos, etc. on contact Katieann to get you set up; all she needs is your email address
  • The church office is open 9am-12pm Monday thru Thursday; if something changes Katieann will post on the church Facebook page.
  • Offering can be dropped off at the church during office hours, submitted online using, on our website, and through text message text FSBCTHATCHER to 73256.
  • Monday 3/16/20 Pastor Dustin does a Facebook Live video to discuss plans during the Covid-19 pandemic
    • We will be forgoing physical gatherings
    • Sunday morning service will still be streamed at 11 am sermon only. Encourage you to get online and join us.
    • Pastor Dustin will go Live on Facebook a few times a week to touch bases and share the word.
    • We don’t want to live in fear, but to be an encouragement to others. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others.
    • Set aside time at 7:30 pm for us as a church no matter where you are to pray for healing for our land.  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    • Be sure to check in with each other, call, text. 
    • We will be using Facebook as a means of communication to get information out to the church as we go through this. 
  • Monday 3/16/20 Decision to move church services to online until pandemic slows down. 
  • Sunday 3/15/20 Brother Curtis Beerens shares about Covid-19 from a medical professional stand point. Video can be viewed here 
  • Saturday 3/14/20 – Cancellation of gatherings.
    • Spring Fling, Women’s Bible study, Adult Bible study, Young adult Bible study, Sing at Haven Health & Bee Hive Homes, and Mothers in Prayer cancelled until further notice
  •  Saturday 3/14/20 –A message from Pastor Dustin. 

Hello everyone,

                I as the pastor, I just wanted to let you know that we are still planning on having Sunday morning services on March the 15, 2020.  Services will be a little different, Curtis Beerens will be sharing information regarding the Corona virus.  As a precaution we will not be doing a meet and greet during the service.  If you are ill or have any health issues that may be effected by the virus we encourage you to stay home.  We will have Facebook live up and running and if you have any questions for Mr. Beerens you can ask them on Facebook and we will pass it along to him during the time he is sharing.

Our President has declared tomorrow a national day of prayer.  So we will be including a time of prayer for our country and all those that are effected by this virus and the fear in which it has created.  2 Timothy 1:7 states, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” So we will stand on the Word of God and seek him during this time.  We have taken precautions here at the church and will encourage everyone to wash their hands and have limited physical contact.  It is definitely an interesting time in which we live in, but our God is still on the throne, Amen